Why Aurora?

Choosing a business name is always a challenge and being one of the first steps can lead to a lot of expectation. Especially when who knows where your business may take you. You read all the blogs, tips and tricks just to be left in quite a mess thinking this should not be that hard. It was quite obvious that Bookkeeping had to be involved but Kat Bookkeeping or even worse Pugh Bookkeeping just did not work for me. I wanted a name that worked, that said more about the ethos than just who and what.

That’s when It struck me. Eureka – Aurora – wait can I spell that, Ararowa……arrara…..Hey Siri spell… All joking aside it was love the first time I heard it. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights have always fascinated me. The colours, shapes and awesome demonstration of our world at work. Something that happens in the background but very few have actually seen. Including myself – well there is one picture from Finland which has a green smudge on it but that was more what my camera saw rather than my eye.

Bookkeeping does not have to require late nights, cold weather and an arctic exploration to get the best glimpse of your accounts.

Aurora can bring them to you.

Aurora will do all the magic in the background so you can shine your brightest.

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